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Monday, September 26

Doctor Doctor

My father walked into his doctor’s surgery and demanded he see a doctor.

The hitlerette behind the desk asked what’s wrong with him, to which he replied loudly it was his dick.

The woman was taken aback by the thunderous reply, mentioning how the lady sat the other side of the waiting room hadn’t quite heard him.

She said next time he should say there’s something wrong with his nose or ear or something.

So he walks out of the surgery, ponders for 30 seconds, and then returns to the front desk…

“Good Morning, I’d like to see a Doctor please,” He asked.

“Certainly sir,” came the reply, “Can I ask what’s wrong?”

“I’m having terrible problems with my ear,” he said.

“What sort of problems?” she enquired.

“It hurts when I piss out of it.”