King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Sunday, March 19

Beer, basketball and Brophy's

My body is still telling me I'm in the UK, so we are regularly waking up at 5am, and all of us need a pee/poo. I returned to bed and was just descending back into the land of nod when I heard a loud truck go past. I sat up, with a start, and asked John if he'd heard it? He just let out a guilty giggle, and then I got a waft of his bodily gasses. The 'truck' was his fart, let out with gusto. We both sat there sniggering like 6 year olds (he's got an excuse to) until my sister came in and shut our door because we'd woken her.

We finally rose, and went over to my Dad's pool. The idea was John could go and play in the pool whilst I sorted one of my Dad's friend's PCs. I knew my Dad had done his worst, given away by the installation of Adaware and some crap spyware based PC tool called "ccleaner." I'd got the PC running nice and smoothly, and only when I removed the ccleaner did things start to go wrong. The recycle bin was still on the desktop, but with no writing under the icon. Right clicking on the recycle bin offered 4 menu items; cut, copy, create shortcut and delete. No empty recycle bin, so it was buggered. I deleted the shortcut with the aim of replacing it, but when I replaced it nothing had changed. Eventually I found the recycle bin on the hard drive (XP had hidden it really well) and created a shortcut to that instead. XP did then alert me to the fact it was corrupted, and fixed it for me anyway.

Anyway, returning to the pool, and we settled down with a beer. I'm not the sort of person to sit around in the sun, so my Dad got the hint and we went over to his local bar, "Brophy's" for some lunch. My father had the impression he was irresistable to the opposite sex for some reason, and everyone enjoyed watching as he chatted up the poor barmaid who quite frankly was probably younger then his socks. We sat and polished off 4 pitchers of beer, which I am finding weaker and weaker (no idea why). I got home and treated myself to one of their stronger beers, some pint can sold singularly called 211 and with an abv of 8.1%. I was now heavily sedated, and by 8 o'clock I was falling asleep so I went and crawled into bed and slept better then I have for weeks.

Back soon, y'all