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Friday, March 24

Busy busy busy

Apologies for not posting but this is primarily because I have been busy or the PC has been busy. Anyway, I'm here now.

So, in the past few days I have been to a beach and found shark's teeth millions of years old, been shopping in malls selling nothing in particular, driven on the main road for the first time and learnt that I suffer terribly from prickly heat when warm.

My father took us to a beach just outside Venice (yeah, I know, it's a long way to Italy) to a region called Caspersen. The beach is renowned for it's fossilised shark teeth, and seeing as it's spring break in the area, it was swamped with people all looking to make their fortune by finding a large tooth. The wealth of devices seen to make the search "easier" seemed to be the only way to make your fortune, but ho-hum.

On the way home I had the chance to drive my father's beaten up old Honda on the 4 lane highway. Admittedly I was weaving a lot to start off with, but this was because I was sat on the wrong side of the car so I kept drifting to the right to position my sight where I'd normally see the lines. After half an hour I was used to this, and settled into driving quite comfortably. One thing I did notice about other drivers was the failure of the 2 second rule. Cars would cut into each other's paths and get close enough almost to touch the other drivers without cause to worry, and they would also swerve from one lane to another like they were on a mission. My sister has constantly put me off driving, primarily I think because she thinks I cannot drive, and yet when out on the road she showed the same errors of other drivers around her.

My trainers have split down one side (as usual) and so I have to go shopping for a new pair. In the couple of stores I tried yesterday, it is apparent that the US size system is a complete gamble when it comes to buying new shoes. Admittedly they have a problem finding any shoes that'll fit me to start off with, but I also don't want bright white trainers or the guy at customs will think "mmmmmm, new shoes. He's been shopping, I wonder what else he's got?" so I am an the lookout for darker trainers. The fact I'd like size 15s is also a big problem, and even at one point yesterday I tried on a pair of 16s, extra wide, and they still didn't fit is a testimony to how crap the sizing system is. I'll be trying to find more this afternoon.

In the meantime I have done most of the PCs I need to, I've yet to sort out the surround sound system in the lounge, and I'm going to start on my brother-in-law's website today.

Like I said, busy busy busy.