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Wednesday, March 29

Who is this Howard Bound?

So, as the sun sets over the Floridian peninsula, I set about recapping my visit from the past two weeks. In 11 hours I will be sat on some delapidated Boeing 727 to Washington(Dulles) ready for my flight across the Atlantic to the sunny vista known as Heathrow.

I have come to the following conclusions from the past fortnight about American life.

  1. Floridians are old, drunk, or both (see father)
  2. Mobile phones should be wound up before use, and mobile phones with cameras are the work of the devil.
  3. Car prices are great if you buy a banger. Deprecation means that cars worth anything because they run, legally, and without recourse, are worth a hell of a lot more then the UK.
  4. Drivers have the opinion "hit me, and I'll sue you," so they drive about 4 inches apart.
  5. Beer is cheaper by the dozen then your average loaf and milk, so people just get drunk and hungry (see father again)
  6. Tourists are a pain in the butt, sorry, arse. (Too much time spent over here.) Any license plate that says "Florida" is a Brit in a rental car, so should be treated with as much contempt as the rest.
  7. The English accent is sexy, primarily due to a bloody gekko and his advert over here.
  8. Gasoline prices are outrageous, until you need to leave the car running so the aircon stays on.

See you on the other side...