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Monday, July 31

Love, Honour and Obey

Last night I had the pleasure of watching the film "Love, honour and obey." I’ve never even heard of the film, but realising it had Ray Winstone in it (guaranteed swearing and violence then), I thought it’s got to be worth giving a shot.

It’s a tale of a young guy wanting in on the London gangster scene. The reality is that he’s more obsessed with starting a turf war between the two factions North and South London. Now don’t get me wrong, the film was mindless pap. It rattled along on tick over, albeit with a few exciting moments. It gave the impression that there are only 2 gangs in the whole of London, and they really want to get on. The police didn’t show anywhere and I know this can be the case in London. As much as I hate the place, if you heard 2 people being shot in a car you’d go outside to see what’s going on.

FIX BAYONETS!!!It had a dark sense of humour, including the immortal line "He’s been stabbed, beaten up, tortured, drugged, force fed dog food, thrown out of a first floor window, and now set on fire. He wants to go home, and quite frankly, I can’t blame him," which had me chuckling like a loon for 5 minutes afterwards. Almost all of the characters had the same names as the actors playing them, which made it really easy to keep up. 2 of the characters had the subplot of one of them becoming impotent, and the other helping him out, producing more then its fair share of guffaws. Interestingly the same 2 were also the directors of the film, which showed their level of talent.

The reality it was based on was the criminal prospect of retaliation. Being dragged up in South London, I appreciate that once you start something, it’ll be impossible to stop. This is highlighted in the film, and what starts out as just someone upsetting someone else ends up with multiple murders in cold blood.

All in all, a good film, and recommended.