King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Wednesday, August 2

Jumping on the bandwagon

Everyone is talking about this video. It shows kids in Crawley, next to Gatwick Airport, playing on a small roundabout. Some idiot decides to see how fast he can make it spin by putting his scooter back wheel on it and throttling up.

Now you may laugh (let's face it, I did)... You may be shocked (I couldn't believe someone was that stupid)... but the fact of the matter is we've all done things monumentally stupid in our time. Those readers of Scaryduck will know he's a fine example of how stupid we can be as kids, although in his case he's never grown up. In fact, as horrific as it might seem, the reailty is they were probably only doing a relatively low speed when they were thrown from the roundabout, and this is no different to coming off your bike at 20mph or skateboarding down the middle of the road *cough*.

So prepare to be shocked, then laugh yourself silly as you see kids making a damn good attempt at a Darwin Award.