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Wednesday, August 30

A small change...

Something different this week for Wee Tee Vee Day. Instead I'm going to give you several radio clips (!).

My father and I were talking about radio shows. He was saying how funny Larry the cable guy is, and was asking if Steve Wright's still about. I said how he was, but on Radio 2 (for those that don't know, Radio 2 is popular to more people in the UK then any other radio station, and Steve Wright is the afternoon presenter). He used to have an exceptionally popular radio show on Radio 1 back in the late 80s and part and parcel of this were his characters. His "crew" would do different non-descript voices and the characters would grow from this. Such delights as Mr. Fish-Filleter (who had destroyed his nasal cavaties from filleting so much fish, you can imagine!), Gay groupie (who'd stand out in the corridor trying to get Steve to let him in), and the newsagent (who'd fart and say "excuse me" throughout his blurb on current affairs).

Unfortunately his passover to Radio 2 means he's had to tone it down. He no longer has many characters, but he does have "Old Woman," and he does things like "factoids," where they all read off various useless facts about things in life. One of his most popular spots is a slot normally about once a month called "Ask Elvis," where an Elvis impersonator is asked questions about anything at all (and I mean anything), and has to reply to the person. The questions are sent in by email, post or phone, and people are always trying to catch him out. Let me show you what I mean...

In this episode, he's asked about which cricket bat is best, what are the best false nails, how a wankel engine works, who was Basil Brush's best side kick, and if the directors of Star Trek movies were aware of their continuity errors (!).

If you enjoy that, then I have more. Leave a comment and if enough of you want it, I will post more of them

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