King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Sunday, September 3

Things to do on a Saturday in September...

  • Get up at 4am, after only 3 hours sleep
  • Drive 120 miles in driving rain and high winds
  • Eat a cold and unappetising breakfast in a Little Chef whilst paying through the nose for it.
  • Go for a walk through long, wet and slippery grass or sticky mud.
  • Queue for an hour whilst being poked in the eyes by umbrellas.
  • Buy a Baseball cap for £15, a kid's baseball cap for £13, and a keyring for £5(!).
  • Shelter from the wind and rain under a young oak tree.
  • Pay £1.50 for a small cup of tea.
  • Argue with your son about the best place to sit.
  • Sit on the wet ground between the other muppets doing the same thing, and the sheep poo.
  • Watch helicopters take off, circle, and land
  • Listen to Steve Rider tell you everything's going to be ok.
  • Go home, making sure you take an hour to do 5 miles because everyone else is doing the same.

Yes, I was at Longleat. Yes, so were (I reckon) about 80,000 other people. No, the Red Bull Air Race didn't go ahead. Yes, we did know about the weather warnings. No, the organisers didn't bother cancelling it on Friday. Yes, I'm annoyed about it.