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Tuesday, October 17

Things I get asked

I have been snowed under the past few weeks, primarily due to my last post, or because people have paid for Norton Antivirus, and it hasn't worked. (muppets)

Whilst sitting around I have heard, or at least been asked some truly priceless gems.
  • Can I get a virus if I don't turn on my PC?
  • Spyware? No, I haven't clicked anything except this bonzibuddy.
  • I'm getting loads of emails saying I have sent a virus. I'm sure I haven't. Can it be me?
  • Where's my toolbar gone? No, it just disappeared.
  • Is it true you can get a virus by sharing a mouse? (I kid you not!)
  • Porn? Oh, that. No, that appears all the time.
  • Are you sure? I thought if you turned off the screen the PC turned off. (I later found out it had been online for >5 weeks.)
  • If I get an email, can the sender see me? (and this from someone without a camera.)
  • I thought if I removed the antivirus, I'd stop viruses attacking me. (guess why I was called)
And the best of all time...
  • Is Microsoft all there is?