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Saturday, October 14

For the first time anywhere on the web?

A nice technical subject, that has been completely missing from the web as far as I can tell.

All my customers (well most of them) have a link on their desktop saying "Send Rik a 'Help!' email." All I do is add my email address to their contact list in Outlook Express (yes, I know it's spawn of the devil, but it's simple), and then create an empty email with my name in the send to box, and the subject says "Help from blah de blah"

Well recently I've had a real spate of "I can't change the box to send you an email"

I thought it was spyware, or a virus, but oh no. It's something worse, much worse. Microsoft.

So, here is a nice techie fix, not so much for you, more for me, but you're welcome to try it.

First of all, close anything to do with Outlook Express. Then download and run this fix.

That removes the cattled part in the first place. Then download this fix instead.

And finally, being Microsoft, it still doesn't work. A quick fix in the registry is needed, which is here.

And watch, as Microsoft brings out another fix, which still will cattle this fix. But in the meantime it'll do.