King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Wednesday, November 8

And so, another Wednesday rolls around...

... and with requests rolling in (keep 'em coming by the way), I am now able to update you to who or what you can see...

Misty's request for the Gordons Giraffe and Tonic is still being elusive. Give it time, I'm sure I can find it.

BJ (oh, what initials! Albeit from the Midlands...) asks me for the dancing milk bottles from 1992. I have my feelers out* and it will appear here in the near future.

And finally for your entertainment, and judging by the comments last week the most popular ad was the "Cog," the long advert for the most boring car in the world. So this week I thought I'd treat you to the alternative, a very silly remake by the guys at the 118118 camp. Get it here

*Yes, I am keeping my feelers out of public view. The shock could scare small children and kill the elderly or infirm *cough*Misty*cough*