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Wednesday, November 1

You Lucky, Lucky people...

Following my post last week, I asked for your favourite adverts. You came up with some gems, and so I have spent the week looking for videos of these adverts I can use.

Misty asked for an advert that is literally weeks old. The new ones are really difficult to find, and so I have to let her down.

Debster asked for the old Unigate adverts for Humphrey. After much searching I found 3 prime examples, the first is the original from 1970 here. Later on, Unigate decided it would be more fun to get some celebrities to help out. So here from 1976 is Arthur Mallard, and one of the last ever made with the roofer that is Rod Hull here.

Mosh asked for a Smirnoff advert. I have to admit I don't remember this one, but I loved the ad they did for the diamond with Beethoven's 5th done by ELO. Maybe I'll post that soon.

My mate Wald asked for the old Smash Robots. I found 2 videos, the first one here was the original, so the quality's terrible, but the script more then makes up for it. Watch out for the robot rolling about laughing. The second one, here, was a very late one taken from the mid 80s, and really summed up just how popular these plastic cretins had become.

And finally, SFG asked for the Honda Advert. Based upon a 90 minute French video that took 12 years to make, this 2 minute masterpiece took 18 months to make and is genuinely all done in one staggering take. Interestingly, Honda has cleaned the boards at advert award ceremonies over the past few years, and this really is just typical of the high standard of work that goes into their adverts.