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Friday, February 2

You couldn't make this up...

Sheep with a sweet tooth? Don't be daft!

Seriously, this is the story of Flintshire county council changing the recipe for grit to a recipe using sugar, starch and cereal. Apparently this is to protect cars from the corrosion usually caused by salt, and also to make it easier for the grit to stick to the road and not get washed or rubbed away so easily.

The fact is, the sheep love it. It's kind of like sprinkling the road with Frosties everyday, and inevitably, the sheep have found out just how tasty it is. Locals report that the sheep are now addicted to the stuff, and refuse to move out of the way of the traffic. If sheep could talk, would it sound like this:

"Blimey Bill, I'm starving"

"Well hanker down Geoff, this new brekkie on the road's gorgeous!"

"By gum, you're right. Makes such a change from diesel fume covered grass. Got any milk?"

"Oh, just one thing, watch out for the..."


"Bill? Bill???"