King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Tuesday, March 27


My students today are being treated to abbreviations, and they have to find out what they are short for. I thought you all might like a go. There are some in there even I didn't know!

Commonly used

RAM R__________ A__________ M__________

ROM R__________ O__________ M__________

CD C__________ D__________

CDR C__________ D__________ R__________

CDRW C__________ D__________ R__________ W__________

CPU C__________ P__________ U__________

MB M__________ B__________

MHz M__________ H__________

DVD D__________ V__________ D__________


PS2 P__________ S__________ 2

PC P__________ C__________

IBM I__________ B__________ M__________

HP H__________ P__________

VDU V__________ D__________ U__________

FD F__________ D__________

HD H__________ D__________

IDE I__________ D__________ E__________

SCSI S__________ C__________ S__________ I__________

BIOS B__________ I__________ O__________ S__________

BIT B__________ __________IT

NIC N__________ I__________ C__________

ADSL A__________ D__________ S__________ L__________

SDRAM S__________ D__________ R__________ A__________ M__________

DDRAM D__________ D__________ R__________ A__________ M__________

LPT L__________ P__________ T__________

VGA V__________ G__________ A__________

SVGA S__________ V__________ G__________ A__________

USB U__________ S__________ B__________

TWAIN T__________ W__________ A__________ I__________ N__________

PNP P__________ _N_ P__________


HTTP H__________ T__________ T__________ P__________

IP I__________ P__________

FTP F__________ T__________ P__________

IE I__________ E__________

CAB CAB__________

CAD C__________ A__________ D__________

CGI C__________ G__________ I__________

MSN M__________ S__________ N__________

AOL A__________ O__________ L__________

PGP P__________ G__________ P__________

WYSIWYG W__________ Y__________ S__________ I__________

W__________ Y__________ G__________

YAHOO Y__________ A__________ H__________ O__________ O__________

WWW W__________ W__________ W__________

URL U__________ R__________ L__________