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Saturday, March 24

No such thing as a free lunch?

I heard about this ages ago on Steve Wright on Radio 2, and promptly forgot about it. It's a website where you give away your unwanted/broken/old stuff, or collect someone else's unwanted/broken/old stuff. The stuff is completely free. You just find your local group, and then go browsing.

Does it work?

Well, my first foray into free stuff was yesterday. Immediately I noticed an advert:

Offered, 24" Sanyo TV, 3 miles away from me.

I emailed them back, and a delightful lady phoned me up tonight. She said where she was (not 100 yards from where I used to live) and I was there within 20 minutes. Sure enough, I have a 24" TV. No remote control, free plastic stand for it, and from what I've seen it all appears to be working.

Give it a try. What can go wrong?