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Wednesday, April 18

Another day, another teenager with the Virtumondo Virus

Yes, as incredible as it may seem, I had another call out last night for a virus. I got there, and couldn't believe my luck when HijackThis showed another two files latched onto winlogon. This time I ran the "Virtumondobegone" program, and it was gone within seconds. The customers were once again a family, with two teenagers. Both were pointing the fingers at their sibling, both like Messenger, and indirectly, both paid my callout fee.

I'm now able to go to Brum on Saturday morning to meet with SFG and other Mobloggers.

Meanwhile, yesterday afternoon with my students again, I mentioned to them about one of my favourite comedians, the infamous Al Murray. He's most famous for playing a character called the pub landlord, a patriotic (almost racist), bigotted cockney. The fact is, his humour never gets too close to the bone, and things he says we'd all like to say. In fact in this week's video, there is a priceless quote about the Americans, "If it weren't for the Americans funding the I.R.A. for 30 years, the British wouldn't know how to deal with terrorism."

Now the character Al Murray plays couldn't be further from the real him. He's incredibly intelligent, coming only second in what I feel should have been a first prize for him in Hell's Kitchen. He also showed off his true intelligence when he did a series for the Discovery Channel about the Allies final push from the Normandy landings to Hitler's bunker, in "The Road to Berlin." He shows a genuine interest in History not only as a hobby, but also as a graduate of Oxford University, no mean feat in itself. So, for your entertainment, may I present Al Murray having a go at Americans.