King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Wednesday, April 4


Chicane is the pseudonym of a musician called Nick Bracegirdle (I know! What a name!!!). I have thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of Chicane since my first introduction to him back in 1997 with a track called offshore. He's since gone on to make tracks with famous musicians, starting with Maire Brennan from Clannad and a track called Saltwater. This was a very good remake of the Theme from Harry's Game, a very relaxing track with irish vocals made back in the early 80s. More recently Chicane has teamed up with Tom Jones, Bryan Adams and Peter Cunnah (from D:Ream), and he can only go from strength to strength.

Last week I found a video for one of Chicane's latest tracks, "Love on the Run," on Youtube. The track is a very good track to start off with, but the video is a real work of genius. It's in it's own world, and would be a clever short film without the music. Without giving too much away, be patient with it. It'll be puzzling for 80% of it, but everything will become clear in the last 30 seconds.

And as a special treat, here's a second video. A sort of modern day tale of Bonnie and Clyde, only this time the robber's trademark is he wears a Tom Jones rubber mask.