King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Tuesday, April 24


Still hurting from my jaunt to the midlands, I was sat around yesterday all day recovering (*note to self: Do upholsterers ever recover?). So, taking the opportunity, I spent the day playing games. One of note I found that was quite fun is called Ice Racer. Cynthia (old English for she who studies and breaks computers a lot) likes my old shifting snow game, and so I felt I'd really infuriate her and put this on instead.

It's a rehash of a classic DOS game made about 10 years ago, called Elastomania. A very addictive puzzle game that meant you would tear your hair out as you slammed your head into another brick wall at breakneck speed. Ice racer is similar, except this time you're offroading in a car. The controls are the keyboard, and I'm up to level 8. See if you can do any better.