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Wednesday, April 25

Offroad Mayhem

Following on from yesterday's post, I thought I'd talk about something half decent that used to be on TV called "Offroad Mayhem." This was a programme shown in the early hours of Saturday Morning, all about the Icelandic passion for taking a couple of planks of wood, the biggest tractor wheels, a few bits of scaffolding pole, and an engine from a Nascar beast, and then putting them all together to make roadeaters from hell. These beasts would typically be 1000 horsepower, and this would give them the ability to go where other vehicles couldn't.

Now, the Icelandic people are an odd race. They like to go swimming in icy waters. They also like to go for jaunts up glaciers where they gorge themselves at lunchtime on lettuce. And most importantly, blokes with normal everyday jobs like fishermen or accountants with a surname ending in "son" take these mechanical behemoths and like to drive them up cliffs.

Yes, that's UP cliffs. I trawled youtube for a decent clip, and this was the closest thing I could find to show their complete disregard for Newton and his laws.