King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Sunday, June 10


English, for speakers of other languages, before you ask. This nation is in a crisis. The open doors for asylum seekers mean that a walk down the local high street hears a diverse range of languages. Now, don't get me wrong, cross culture is not a bad thing. I'm not about to enlist in the day to day runnings of the BNP, be on Big Brother and get kicked out for calling someone a nigger, or spark up a storm about whether they should be allowed in. What does concern me is the latest comments by Ruth Kelly. She's changing government literature to be only in English because "translation has been used too frequently and sometimes without thought added to the consequences."

What about Welsh? Where does the oldest existing recognised language of the UK come into it? Will that be scrapped? Will pure-bred welsh speakers be seen strapping themselves to lorry axles to cross the Severn bridge? Meanwhile my son will continue to learn Welsh. I know it's old, I know it's not necessary. If we get rid of it, do we get rid of the Pyramids, or Stonehenge?