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Monday, June 11

Phone uses

I was chatting to TRT today. He mentioned that Sky have changed their contract for their phone service. Basically, you agree when you sign the contract that you won't lie, you won't get aggressive, you won't harass, and you won't cause anxiety. This got me thinking

"Hi honey, I'm working late tonight" - lie.

"That Tiscali Internet is brilliant" - lie.

"No really, Rover did make good cars before they went tits up" - lie.

"I just love the Office/Little Britain/League of Gentlemen. It's so funny." - lie.

"No I don't want to buy your double glazing." - Aggression.

"Hi, Barclays, please can I extend my overdraft" - harassment. (well it is with me)

"I'm sorry, I just ran over your cat." - Anxiety

"Look you little bastards, it's not my fucking fault I ran over your budgie. It's your fault the fucking thing kept pestering my cat." - All of the above.

Can you think of any?

(on a personal note: My best wishes go out to Misty at this difficult time.)