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Monday, July 23

I have a new pet hate...

Me? Pissed? (in the US sense, not the UK)... I'm positively spitting feathers. Let me explain.

On Saturday I went to Newport, to help a friend* who had problems with her PC. All went relatively well, and I was even treated to 2 cups of tea and a ham salad sandwich when I was there for 6 hours (!). Now it's dreadfully apparent I was being used, but that's me all over. A pushover, easy to get sucked in.
It was when I got home that things took a sinister twist. I'd taken John with me, because her 2 kids where close to his age, and I thought he'd enjoy playing with someone new whilst I was working. Those that know me, know I will do anything for John, and if it means defending him when he's unjustly accused of a crime, I'm sure any other reasonable parent would do the same. He came in at one point, shoelaces undone, and I prompted him to do up his laces. Once again, he did the normal thing and just tucked the laces down the side of his trainers, and ran back out. That evening, the 'friend' was talking to me on Messenger. She was asking about his special needs, how did I know he had a problem, what had I done to combat it?

Then the bombshell. She said there's nothing wrong with John. Dyslexia and Dyspraxia don't affect him. He's just lazy, and doesn't work hard or even do up his laces because (and I quote) "He doesn't want to." I told her he's incredibly hard working, but laces are just one very common symptom typical to dyspraxics (?) because the fine control required to do up the laces doesn't exist. Sort of like you trying to do up your laces with oven gloves on. She said he didn't have any problems, and the psychologists, occupational and physical therapists and educational assessors were all only doing their job and telling his parents what we wanted to hear.

I haven't spoken to her since.

*someone I've not known for very long, but was friendly with me and obviously valued my PC knowledge