King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Thursday, July 19

Testimonial to Testosterone

It's a fairly well known fact that a man reaches his sexual peak at 17. He's brimming with testosterone from every pore, produces more pheromone then your average company advertising in the back of men's magazine, and we give him a driving licence.
The government have decided to suggest we raise the driving age from 17 to 18, in a truly backward and stupid move. In a similar move to making it illegal to drink under 18, or to have pubs only open until 11pm, the restriction is going to lead to more unlawfulness as young men do it because it's illegal. The easy way to reduce the number of accidents on the UK's roads would be to do something the cheese eating surrender monkeys do. Give 'em a driving licence for scooters at 14, then up the car licence age to 18. That means that for 4 years, teenagers are pootling about on 49cc hair dryers, and hardly getting enough speed up to do serious injury to themselves or others. By the time they're old enough to get a car, they have the sixth sense that I think bike riders develop, and the car deaths of new drivers would plummet. But, once again the fat cats in the parliamentary chambers think everything is black and white, and so it'll probably be passed.