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Wednesday, July 11

More from May

James May's a bit of a dark horse. The BBC Top Gear's presenter is famous for being unfashionable, slow and old, where in reality he's actually a musician who's not only talented with a keyboard, but also when it comes to journalism, he's talented with a keyboard. He's steadfastly been the butt of jokes from his 2 co-presenters, and now he gets the last laugh as he's got his own TV series on BBC2. Last night saw the first 2 episodes, and considering it's made actually for the Open University, I sat in awe as he got a grand tour of the NASA Assembly building in Florida. The episodes were concise, maybe just a little too short, where they could have been made a little longer. But all in all a very well made program that was not only educational, but entertaining and thoroughly interesting. Just in case you didn't see it, here's the trailer...