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Sunday, July 15

Great unknowns on PCs

10 years ago, you couldn't fail to see a famous screensaver on TV. You'd see some bloke getting interviewed on BBC news, and in the background would be the usual fleet of open plan desks, all with screens on screensavers. The most popular at the time, was a famous screensaver made by Sierra Online, called Screen Antics and featuring Johnny Castaway. This was the tale of a poor stranded bloke who's left on the smallest desert island. All he has is a palm tree, which seems to hide everything in his life (watch out for the fishing rod), and this palm tree seems to have a limitless supply of coconuts. The actual programming base seems to have nothing more then maybe 20 regular scenes, but every once in a while a new scene will appear that you'll have never seen before. Watch out for the boat that saves him, and he dives off when he realises he's better on the island, or the yacht full of bikini clad babes that passes whilst he's asleep. In the meantime you can now download it here