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Wednesday, July 4

Natural Rhythm

I'm not a fan of musicals.

I'm not a fan of shows.

To me, a booby prize would be a night out watching a show in London. A second booby prize would be 2 nights out watching shows in London.

I despise the UK's fixation on a Saturday night talent shows. On BBC1 you can watch live auditioning for the latest lead in "Joseph" and then turn over to see ITV's "Britain's got Talent." X factor is still hot in peoples mind's, and coming up is a new series in which dance specialists choreograph amateurs to dance certain scenarios.

Pap. Mindless, boring, non-compulsive pap. That is all.

But! If you offered me a night out to see the British troupe that is Stomp, I'd be more excited. Stomp take the natural instinct to rhythm and use it in everyday situations. Be it in a kitchen, or playing basketball, they all entertain and astound. The incredible thing is the rhythm is truly eye (or ear) opening. To be a good drummer, you should either lead or follow a natural rhythm. To be a *really* good drummer you should be able to add your own rhythm to an existing rhythm to give your own part a character. Do this with 9 separate drummers, all with bins (plastic or metal), and you have a true spectacle. I have shown this to a few people, and not one person hasn't had a big grin on their face, so I think it's your turn.