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Thursday, July 5

On Hollywood buddies.

Last night I settled down to watch TV. The late film on BBC1 was a madcap comedy (in the loosest sense of the word) called Kill the Man.

As I sat there, watching these two losers struggle to keep their copyshop running, in walked a bloke called Seth. Seth didn't say much, but when he did, it was apparent this American pap had an English Actor in it. As I sat and watched, I noticed how he looked like a twat that used to live in my neighbourhood, called Philippe. He was a little younger then me, about 6 months younger, but he was the closest to my age in my neighbourhood, and we went to the same primary school and were in the same year. I'd been in touch with him through Friends Reunited, and he'd mentioned that he was now an actor in Hollywood starring as Philip Rhys. I've followed his progress through American "drama" series like 24, NCIS and Nip and Tuck, but I've never actually watched anything with him in.

Was this the guy I could see last night? A quick check on IMDB, and sure enough it was him. He hadn't changed that much, and as I watched, imagine my glee that at one point he was wearing a Croydon Borough Council T-Shirt. I wonder if the costume department had anything to do with selecting the t-shirt, because it was a subtle joke that hardly anybody would appreciate.

Me? I LOL'd.