King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Friday, July 6

They say a picture says a thousand words...

This is a picture I have to share. I also have to tell the story behind it.

Summer 2001 and I lay seed to an idea that I might go stateside as a surprise for my sister. I hatch the plan to my father and my sister. I tell my father I'm looking to come over, and he's understandably pleased. I also tell my sister I might be coming over for Christmas, as a surprise for my father. I let my father know this as well. As the months draw on, I let my sister know that all's looking good for a visit, and she's to keep mum about my surprise attack on my father. I also let my father know this. I speak to my new (at the time) brother in law, and he's all excited about the surprise and my father's face.
I announce some 4 weeks before Christmas that I have had a big bill, and I can't make it. I lie. I tell my father that I've broken my sister's heart. We know different.
In the meantime, I spend £1200 on tickets to Orlando Sanford, and arrange for my father to meet us on the 23rd of December. He gets his new truck on this day, and head up the 150 miles to meet us. We get back to his place about 6pm, where upon he phones Susan. He explains that seeing as it's the last Friday before Christmas, everyone's expecting to see Susan at the local hostelry. Everyone's really there because he's let them all know that her brother's in town. She explains that after a heavy night the night before at a Christmas party, she really doesn't want to go out. In reality she knows that he just wants to show off his new truck, so she agrees to go out for one drink. In she walks, and after hugging everybody and anybody, she hugs her father. She stands back, and I call out her name.