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Monday, July 30

Weekend Visitors

This weekend I have had a good friend from my old manor back in 'Saaaafend' come and see us. Doing the maths, I've known Paul longer then most people in my life, and even though I haven't seen him for over 3 years, we were soon back in our old ways and sounding like a 'cuppla dodgy geeeeeeeezas.' I pride myself that I don't sound too Essex, but whenever I see Paul, I find myself slipping back into old vocal habits and getting lazy with my elocution. He'll set me back years!

Meanwhile, the weekend was planned.

Friday night: Pub
Saturday Daytime: Henrhyd Waterfalls and up into the mountains for some decent pictures.
Saturday night: Beer and a DVD (Hot fuzz. Most excellent film)
Sunday morning: The local market and shops.
Sunday afternoon: Copious amounts of Sunday lunch, with beer. (there goes my diet.)
Sunday evening: Beer and fixing his PC
Monday morning: Finish his pc, and recover from too much beer.

Henrhyd Waterfalls are the highest waterfalls in Wales. It's in a ludicrously steep gorge, and a footpath takes you down into the gorge at a gradient of about 33%.

Being accustomed to walking like I am, I left them behind as I stormed down to the waterfalls (may contain traces of lie). In fact I was struggling on the way down even, and walking back up would have needed a calendar if anyone had the inclination to time me. In my defence, we both were feeling more then ropey after what must have been a dodgy takeaway the night before. No really, we weren't *that* drunk. In fact I think only 6 bottles of the ol' "Wife beater" were drunk all evening between the two of us (yes, I had 4 of them.)

The entire weekend went much too quickly, and it's such a shame time does that. Oh well, he's promised to be back soon. I hope so.