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Friday, August 10

The day all parents dread...

Knock Knock

Who's there

P.C. Gavin Williams

I know it's not funny, it's not a joke. That was the early(ish) wake up call I had this morning.

John was arrested, there and then. On suspicion of Assault(!). When the copper asked him about it, he admitted it. The nasty kid of the neighbourhood had been asking for a slap, and John, being the responsible kid of the neighbourhood, duly gave it to him. Well, not so much a slap, more of a punch. Or two. Well maybe three, and a kick to the stomach for good measure.

So, there you have it. Officially my son now has a juvenile record, for being a young thug. Those that know him will know this isn't the case, but unfortunately the law isn't exactly on his side. The problem is, the fat little spoilt bastard unfortunate victim's family knew that he wouldn't hurt a fly (bollocks!) so they decided to press charges. I know this kid well. He's since been almost skipping around the village, telling everyone John broke his nose. I'm tempted to show him what a broken nose is really about. The fact is, when I see him, I'm going to make him wish he hadn't crossed me.

Meanwhile John's been banned from his Xbox, PS2 and the PC for a month. I know strictly that he's not the one to blame, but if he'd actually waited until the little shit poor boy hits him, he'll have a leg to stand on. Either that, or he learns how to punish the git without leaving evidence behind.

The funny thing is, I did the same thing regularly when I was a kid. Fights were common place, and lord knows what the police could have charged me with when I replaced the local bully's head with a large monkey wrench from my garage. I was always punching kids. I was always getting punched. It was part of the growing process for a boy. It doesn't make it right, but to get the Police involved was not necessary, and never done. I think it's time I dished out some justice myself on the family involved. The next time I see him cutting through a fence to let sheep out, I will video it, and let the police know he's committed criminal damage and show them the video. The next time he drops chewing gum on the floor, I'll let them know he's been littering. The next time he swears in public, I'll let them know he's broken the public order act. And meanwhile, each time I'll see him, I'll give him such an earful without swearing, that he'll go home crying.

And all because his parents don't give a toss.