King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Wednesday, August 8

News Knight

For over 30 years, Sir Trevor McDonald was the face of the ITN news. He was very dry, always straight faced, and entirely professional when news items that would make the most unemotional person upset or angry, like the death of Diana or 9/11. He become so well known for his professionalism, he was recognised by the Queen for service to broadcasting, and became a Knight in 1999, the last year of News at Ten.

He's been presenting a current affairs programme ever since, called "Tonight with Trevor McDonald," and once again is entirely professional and unemotional. So imagine the surprise he made a series that was funny, talking about recent news events. In his words,

"I got the knighthood, I can now mess about."

So along came News Knight, on Sunday evenings. He talks to 3 comedians about what's been going on that week, and even though it's apparent it's scripted, he still gives some great one liners. Recently, as the UK sunk into the north Atlantic, we had floods. First in Sheffield, and then right along from Gloucester to Maidenhead. Here's the programme's take on it.