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Tuesday, August 7

My latest creation...

Being the time of year where no one's getting their PC fixed, and fed up of playing games all the time, I started a new game. It's only half finished, and there are loads of bugs (like the score thingy), so please bear with it. Play it, see if you can break it, or if you want suggest-o how to improve it. It will have instructions and a menu, and will probably have a worldwide highscore table, and it'll also have a posh way of showing the powerups and new ones. It's simple enough to play. You have to break Windows, the Microsoft variety. Each level will be a different permutation of Windows, starting at Windows 1, and going right up to Vista (not that you'll get there hehe). There are cheats, and there are methods to win.

Download it here, unzip it to wherever, and play.

Opposites attract answers

A fortnight ago, I gave you a list of opposite abbreviations. Well, here for your delectation, are the answers.

H & C = Hot & Cold
B & W = Black and White
G & E = Good and evil
Y & Y = Ying and Yang
T & S = Tall and Short
C & D = Cats and Dogs
H & L = Heavy and Light, or High and Low
N & D = Night and Day
W & L = Width and Length
R or S = Rain or shine
H & E = Heaven and Earth
P & O (ewww nasty one!) = Pessimistic and Optimistic
AC & DC = Alternating Current and Direct Current