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Tuesday, September 4

Deep and Meaningful

Isn't it nice when an old friend gets in touch, and you find you get on as well as ever. Well this past few weeks, I have found myself chatting to my old friend Buzz. Buzz isn't her real name, and it's not her favourite pastime (not to my knowledge anyway). It's a nickname that has just sort of stuck. Buzz is an intelligent Essex girl, an oxymoron itself. Being an Essex Girl, she's blonde, attractive, and rather worryingly, friendly to me! She's also the spitting image of my sister in her younger days, so I guess subconsciously I see her as my sister. Anyway, one of our intelligent conversations late the other night got me onto people I'd like to meet, maybe spend a hour sat next to on a train, and hopefully they'd be friendly and prepared to chat. Here's my list, and why.

The obvious one that seems to be in everyone's list, Billy Connolly (typo, what typo?). Buzz exclaimed she didn't like him, something I didn't know was possible. He seems quite friendly, and genuinely interested in the world and it's people. His knowledge of psychology and what makes life interesting is staggering, and is what's helped him become the success he is today.

Another larger then life Scottish comedian, Robbie Coltrane's always been a bit on the quiet side in real life. He started out with serious roles in films, but made a mark for himself in the Comic Strip series. More on him tomorrow...

I know this is a strange one, but Noel Edmonds has always been interesting to me. Everybody slates him for bringing about Mr. Blobby, and everyone says they don't find him funny, but the fact is we all did at some point or why else did his show survive as long as it did on Saturday evenings? I always remember how he would take into consideration someone else's feelings when he did his practical jokes, something I think all practical jokers should do (but most don't). His sense of humour is obviously very acute, but perhaps it's that that makes him interesting to me. I dunno.

Almost an unknown, Rob Brydon. He's most famous for his role in "Marion and Geoff," a not overly funny sitcom about a taxi driver who's wife has run off with someone else. I've seen him a few times since in other programmes and he comes across as down to earth. He's from where John goes to school, meaning that he must have had a normal upbringing. He's more well known for his voices, and is heard day after day on adverts and voiceovers.

Have you got any to add, and why?