King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Monday, October 8


I decided today I'd research something I'd suspected for a while. I have for the past few months been on the Atkins diet, after deciding that the 20-something stone I weigh was not acceptable for someone who was eating the same amount as his son who's his perfect weight. I noticed potato doesn't really affect the weight loss, but anything with flour does, and then all at the same time I noticed also that bread etc (something I love) was not good. I have lost about 3 stone, but seem to have ground to a halt. I think the last time I had chips was whilst in Devon back at the start of August, but food in batter have been a bit of a mainstay in my diet, something the Atkins doesn't really allow. A recent cookery programme mention 'coeliacs', something I'd never heard of (or my spellchecker), but research looks like I'm going to have to follow that route. I spent many hours researching celeriacs, only to be told I was a green celery-type vegetable mainly used in soups. I'll let you know if cutting out wheat helps in due course.