King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Tuesday, October 9


I have been researching this for a few weeks, and came across some interesting things to show how we perceive images. Let me show you what I mean...

What word do you see here?

Do you see optical, or illusion? Apparently 90% of people will see optical first, but I'm guessing this is because it's one flat colour.

What about now?

Is this good or evil? I have to admit I'm evil, and even when I realise good is in there, I struggle to see it. The brain is very difficult to change it's perception once it understands something.

Me or you? Once again, one word is very obvious. But more interestingly, apparently this time it's a true 50/50 split on who sees what word first.

Spot the face.

This one is a trigger for the right side of your brain. If you don't see the face in the first 3 seconds, you will have to go and search for it, using the left side of the brain and logic.

And finally...

How many people do you see? 12 or 13?

Ok, hands up who's brain now hurts?