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Monday, October 29

A drought, in October?

There is a drought on. Not of the water kind, but some nice chap at Nintendo must be rubbing his hands with glee because there's a drought of wii on. I know you could argue to walk along Bournemouth seafront on a chilly day like today and you are more likely to source some fresh wii, but it's not the yellow bodily fluid but the latest console designed to solve obesity amongst teenagers. The Nintendo Wii is the must have accessory this Christmas, and as such they've sold out. Something I doubt we'll see with Windows Vista this Christmas. I got a phonecall at the end of last week, asking me if I could get one. Stepping up to the challenge, I checked the following sources.

Argos: Sold out
Woolworths: Sold out
Toys 'r' Us: Sold out
Britain's leading games retailer, Game: Oooh, what's this? Sold out
Britain's leading online supplier, Loads, but all from two bit unknowns, and for at least £80 above the going rate

So when I start to ask about, I get told by someone locally to try a company called IT Buy. I've never heard of them, but they have a website, take credit cards (so the customer's protected against fraud) and they seem to have them in stock. I go down there on Saturday to buy one for him, and the card is rejected. "Hmmmm, dodgy methinks, " says I. I go to check the company details, and imagine my surprise to find they are based in this very immediate area, some 2 miles away. Later on today we shall be paying a visit, and I'm going to barter them down so as to not have to pay carriage. Let's see just how legitimate they are when they've got the buyers in the building.