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Monday, October 22

More then welcome visitors

This weekend, I have had the pleasure of a visit from the commenter on here "Buzzy." I've known Buzzy for years, and we've always stayed in touch. Now Buzzy is an intelligent Essex girl. Yes, I know that's an oxymoron, but there are just so many things about her that not standard. All my mates, well, the ones with dangly bits anyway, see her picture and she gets the usual reaction of "phwoar." The weird thing is, we're such good friends, it's never occurred to me she might actually be sexy.
One of her reasons for coming down this weekend was to get a new car stereo fitted for her. I'd looked around and had a few ideas, but it was better to wait and see when she got here. The shopping list was simple enough...
  1. CD Player, but preferably an MP3/WMA player as well
  2. Remote control from the steering wheel, because she has the control stalk already.
  3. Bluetooth for her mobile phone would be nice.
  4. Not too many buttons (she is blonde and an Essex girl.)
After a bit of shopping around, we ended up in that car emporium with price tags like "Arm and Leg" or "Will part-ex for granny" called Halfrauds. They had one stereo that did everything, but with a big fat price tag of £300 the boat wasn't going to get pushed that far. Then it occurred to me that perhaps we could make up her requirements, and so we got a simple mp3 stereo, with a remote input. We got the gubbins to convert her Peugeot stalk to work with it, and we then got a bluetooth car kit to add to the stereo. The bill was quite a lot, but quite a lot less the the other bit of kit. The adapter for the stalk was the wrong one, so I couldn't get that working, but I said that her local Halfords should change it over and fit it for free. The bluetooth was a really nice bit of kit, simplifying receiving calls no end.
Anyway, we went for a drive to see some of the local sights on Saturday morning. Buzzy wasn't impressed with my impression of Colin McRae (sans Helicopter crash), threatening to blow chunks several times, and yet she made it home last night in 3.5 hours, meaning she'd managed a staggering 77mph average all the way home! Saturday evening was spent having a quite meal, (I mean as quiet as you can get in a pub showing the Rugby World Cup final), and then sitting up chatting until 3am. I introduced her to white cider, and the one complete can she had certainly had the desired effect. She then moved onto the Bacardi, but only managed one bedtime. I spent the Sunday preparing and making lunch, and then we sat and watched a young F1 driver screw up his world championship lead in a big way. We then escorted her back to the main road, and said our goodbyes. John was quite upset when she left, I know I was.