King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Friday, October 19

The next generation

At precisely 2:45 this afternoon, 9:45am in Florida time, I am going to be a real uncle. I've been an uncle before, but the Police told me to stop it, so I haven't been an uncle for a few years. My sister's heavily due with baby Carys, and Cuzzun Douuuug is going to be by her side for the operation. Baby Carys is to be born via caesarian section because she's decided to go feet first into the world (much like her mother). This means that from now on, baby Carys will not be able to leave cars via the door, but only via the sunroof. It also means that she will have a favourite salad dressing. My father was offered the opportunity to be there as well, but he passed up the chance, preferring to stay downstairs with the expectant fathers as they pace around looking worried. Watch this space for some pictures in the not so distant future.