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Monday, October 15

Ticket to hell, one way please.

Last week, on my birthday, there was loads of comedy gold in the form of the news. First of all, a lorry crashed on the M1. Now admittedly, I shouldn't find this funny especially because someone died in the crash, but the lorry was carrying Golden Syrup. The obvious report would be the "police are advising drivers to stick to their lanes."
Then I also hear on the news that up in Scotland, a lorry crashed carrying 3000 chickens. It's such a shame it didn't crash into the lorry with the syrup, otherwise all we'd need is orange for the world's biggest sweet and sour.
And to cap it all, in the Scottish crash it's reported that the chickens were on their way to an abattoir in Gainsborough. Meanwhile, the do-gooders had something to say.
"The Scottish SPCA said it had concerns for the welfare of the chickens."

And taking them to the abattoir wasn't worrying them at all I suppose.