King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Thursday, October 11

On being 36

Things I have learnt in the last year
  • Written off cars can be bought for silly money and put back on the road perfectly legally.
  • The police can be utilised to bring any personal vendetta against anyone as long as you badger them enough, no matter how petty the crime.
  • Leaving old screws on the drive is not a good idea.
  • Windows Vista is worse then was expected.
  • No matter how much security you have on your computer, you are still not infallible.
  • Cats really don't care where they pee.
  • Online stalkers aren't all they cracked up to be.
Things I haven't learnt in the last year
  • If the answer's 42, what is the question?
  • How comes Scaryduck's still popular?
  • To drive sensibly in front of the bacon buttie (aka transport of the filth, cop car, kebab van) at the roundabout.
  • To not do call outs involving Vista/Laptops/PC World.
  • To let my cat sleep on my desk.
  • 6 pints of white cider, no matter how good they make you feel, will come back and haunt you for a whole night.
  • Half doing a job so it's 'Rikaitched' is still not acceptable for the long term.
I'm all reflective which must mean I'm 63, the same age as my father.