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Monday, November 19

Life Insurance

There is a certain life insurance company currently advertising on TV. The advert has got me puzzling somewhat, because I'm not sure if there's a benefit. Let me explain.
You pay your money to them every month for the rest of your life. When you die, they pay back to you what you paid to them. No more, no less. If you cancel or stop paying even one month, they get to keep everything you've paid so far. If you join they give you £15 worth of Marks and Sparks vouchers which if you're lucky would buy you one of their own chocolate bars, let alone anything worth having. And as a real benefit, they will take you on no matter how old you are or if you you even critically ill.

Hmm.. sounds like a good deal. What's wrong with putting the money into a high interest savings account? You get the money when you want. You don't have to justify or argue to get the money, and you get back more then you paid in.

Insurance companies, con artists the lot of 'em.