King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Tuesday, November 13


One of my longest existing customers phoned me last night. She'd had a confusing email from our ISP telling her she'd gone over her limit and now was running at 128k. Puzzled, I suspected something like spyware, her daughter downloading music, or some such. The truth was so much more surprising.
I logged into her account, and I can view her usage. She's only just got broadband for the first time, and not wanting to download peer to peer or anything, and also being out a lot of the day, I recommended she get the cheapest package with 1Gb usage limit. A quick scan of the usage statistics showed she averaged 40Mb a day, but some days hit over 100Mb, and one day even hit 237Mb. Purely on the WWW.

Like I said. Wow.

Yes, I know BT is unlimited. Yes I know so's Tiscali. But their fair usage policy means that keep on going over her 1Gb 'recommended maximum allowance' and they can (and do) cut her off permanently, and continue to charge her for the privilege. There's no such thing as unlimited broadband. It costs all ISPs money for bandwidth, and so they can't then give it away for free. In the meantime I have upped her limit to 2Gb a month instead, and I'll monitor the usage.

But 1gb in a month purely on the web?


*walks away shaking head in disbelief*