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Wednesday, November 14

Max Headroom

Back in 1984 Channel 4 made a film called Max Headroom. A very dark film "20 minutes into the future" it was about an investigative journalist/unofficial detective called Edison Carter who gets bumped off and his brain copied into a computer. The last thing he sees before the accident is a barrier in a garage with "Max Headroom" written on it, so the thoughts are going around his brain when he's copied. Hence the computer generated head's name.
The film was very slow, but quite well done. A few years later, following massive success in a Coke Advert and his own TV show where he interviewed celebrities, CBS decided they would remake the film and a follow on series. The series, to this day, is one of my all time favourite sci-fi programmes. Admittedly the scary thing is a lot of the forecasts are now coming true and so it's not so much sci-fi any more, but the actual Max character added a light hearted and genuinely funny tint to each and every episode. As the titles would roll each week, Max would monologue about that week's episode and general observations. This week's is one of my favourites, where he's talking about security, be it the police or peep holes in doors.