King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Monday, December 10

The A - Z of Essex English

Arst Past tense of 'ask'
Bave to wash oneself
Choona an edible fish purchased in a tin and usually prepared with mayonnaise
Danstez one or more floors below
Ejog a small spikey animal
Fantin jet of water for drinking or as an ornament
Grand a sports venue
Haitch the letter of the alphabet between g and i
Ibeefa the Spanish holiday island
Jafta? "Do you have to?"
Kaffy a Girl's name
Levva material made from the skin of an animal
Maffs the study of numbers
Nartamean? "Do you know what I mean?"
Oaf a solemn declaration of truth or commitment
Pans an Annsis Imperial weight system
Qualidee good
Roofless without compassion
Seevin very angry
Tan ass a modern terraced house
Ump upset
Vacher a document which can be exchanged for goods or services
Wannd up tense
Yafta "You have to"
Zaggerate Suggest something is better or bigger then is true.