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Monday, December 3

More on AOL

My neighbour (3 doors away) asked for my help with their broadband. They're on AOL. The software was crashing the PC, so after a lot of optimizing, I summised that it would actually run better on XP then on 2000. I also mentioned moving ISP, and when they found out it was half the price, they agreed to move. Phoning up AOL to cancel, they put me onto the pleb hired to make them stay customers. The usual "We'll match the price, we'll even make it cheaper," line was used, but I said they weren't interested in that for 6 months then another 12 months at full price. They then had the cheek to tell me that the broadband for this area was slow, and the offer they had was very good for the 512kbps connection they were getting.
"Hmmmmm," thinks I. "Strange," I said, "3 doors away I get 2.5Mbps." She denied that was possible, saying the exchange didn't support any faster.
"So," I replied, "what you're telling me is Plus Net are working miracles and getting 5 times the speed for half the price?"
"We can't explain why sir, but we can assure you that that's the only speed you can get."
Caught with their pants down, wouldn't you say?