King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Tuesday, December 4

Unfavourite favourites

I know for a fact you all have website favourites. You must do, or how else do you get here? Being a paid up member of the firefox crew, I have a toolbar with my most common links that I visit. Each and every morning, I sit down with my first cup of tea, check my mail, see if the latest porn bit torrent has downloaded, and click my links. It starts off with Scaryduck, then Misty, then me (purely to read any comments in the correct order, not the order they arrive in email). Then, for no reason I can fathom other then hopefulness, I check Ricardipus (1 post a week if we're lucky), Dawn (She's obviously just come back from some Canadian sabbatical), and TRT (who I understand why he doesn't want to post). I then most recently added Zoe's link, but to be honest I've yet to read anything to make me smile, let alone laugh out loud. I then have my 'edit blog' button, so I can write this drivel.
Less used buttons do exist though. My Adsense link, to check how much money this site has earned me. The Volvo 480 Owner's club, when I want a dose of automania, and Freecycle when I want a bargain (aka free stuff). Finally I have Bloons TD 2, for when I have 15 minutes to spare (normally whilst on hold to AOL)

What links do you have and use a lot, and what do you have and hardly use at all?