King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Thursday, December 6


Yesterday, being my day off, I went shopping. One of the better places to shop is the northern edge of Swansea, and is one of those out-of-town shopping experiences. You'll find everything to spend money on, Pissy World, Currys, Comet, Asda, Tesco, Halfords, all the usual places. My car's been misbehaving, probably due to the damp, so I popped into a motor factor's to get some new plugs. On the way out, I started to pull onto the main road with the aim of turning right. This was my mistake, because the car in the distance on my right was going a lot faster then the 30 he should of been. I realised that with maybe 200 yards left, he wasn't slowing down, so I reversed as quickly as I could. You would, wouldn't you? Unfortunately the VW Golf behind me wasn't so pleased to see a hulk of a Volvo reversing towards her, and I hit her.


Now, I got out. I apologised. I had a choice, get hit by the 4x4 that was bearing down on me, or get out of it's way. Call me daft, but that was the better option. She didn't seem to think so, and we went back to her office a few units up so we could talk about the damage. My tow-bar had gone through where the fog light at the front should have been, but she didn't have them, so it was just a plastic grill. I offered to replace it, but she said she wanted the local dealership to replace it. I then offered my mechanic in a proper garage to replace it, but she again refused. I may have shown my frustration at her, but it was becoming apparent that she was a spoilt little brat. She told me how her little baby was worth a lot of money, but in my head I worked out that it was 9 years old, and not even a top of the range. I came to the conclusion the car must have been worth £3000-£5000 at most, and no matter how much she moaned and bitched, she can take it to the insurance company. A bit pissed off at the thought of being stitched up by her, the local dealership, and my insurance company, I realised something.

What if she'd driven into me? Could she prove otherwise? I was fair. I offered to pay for the damage. She just wanted to get more out of me.

So there you have it. Me reversing into her, or her driving into the back of me. Good luck to her, that's all I can say.