King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Wednesday, February 13

Look out, it's da filth.

Police, by and large, have my respect. Metropolitan Police seem to have their heads screwed on, and know when someone is breaking the law by mistake or breaking it deliberately. South Wales Police seem to be of the opinion "if it's illegal, book 'em." This helps raise their crime figures extensively, and means that to the tax payer we're getting our money's worth. The reality is it means that what little time they have to cover an area is taken up with sorting out 13 year old boys who've been fighting or break ins to garden sheds. Meanwhile, local thugs from the areas of Townhill and Penlan in Swansea steal cars, drive them around for the evening. and then bring them up to rural areas (like here) and set fire to them. The Police are called, and turn up some 8 hours later.
In the meantime, Metropolitan Police do their job well. And that brings me to this week's video. I first saw this back before Christmas, and is an old police video taken from a camera car. The story is simple enough. A patient in a hospital in Chelsea needs a new liver. Someone dies in Hull and has a liver to donate. The liver is flown down to Stansted, where it is picked up by the Police, who have generously been given special permission from Scotland Yard to do what ever necessary to get it there, but they have a limit on how far they can go, and this limit is 35 minutes. That's 30 miles, 15 of which admittedly are motorway, in which to transport the liver across London on a Friday lunchtime. The video starts from just outside Aldgate on the eastern edge of the city. Watch out for the touristy areas like Trafalgar Square or Buck House, and the speeds reached. It truly is a testimony to the special skills required by the drivers.