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Monday, February 11

I have a new fan

Some 4 years after I started blogging, I have a new fan. Admittedly the new fan should have started earlier, BEING MY SISTER, but hey ho. She'd read the comments on C.A.R.Y.S. (Can Arsenal Ruin Your Season?) and was particularly disturbed by the fact some said she looked like me. So much so in fact, she phoned me over the weekend.
"Can you," she asked, "take a scan of the picture of you as a baby, and post it on the blog?"
"Do I really want to?" I replied. "I might scare (both) my readers off."
She's a little upset at the moment, because my father's just moved back to the UK, and she's feeling a little vulnerable. So to cheer her up, I thought it was the least I can do.
The picture says it all. My face (the one on the right), says "This is fun! Can I be your friend?"
Susan's face says "Get this fucking thing off of me."
Now, make your judgements. Do I really look like my niece?

Oh, and talking of genetics, did you know diarrhoea is hereditary?

It runs in your genes.