King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Friday, February 8

The man from UNCLE.

Being a new uncle, my sister emailed me.

"When are you going to post pictures of Carys?" (Carys is short for "Can Arsenal Ruin Your Season?", but may or may not be true.)

In my defence, the day AOL broke my hard drive ran true, and I admitted I have no pictures of sweet baby Arsenal fan to post on my blog. My sister, being the obliging chap she is, sent me some. Including the one of the Highbury Howler just before she headed off to the match to break a bottle over a carefully selected Tottenham Toddler's head.

So she sent some. The first is a rather good facial expression during a particularly large poo-nappy(sorry sis, diaper) moment.

"Did you spill my pint?"
The second shows the glint of violence in her eye, and dedication before departing for the North London derby.

And before the more maternal readers (Waldon...) start cooing and saying "aahhhhhhh," remember that in 13 years time she'll be a teenager, having strops, slamming doors and breaking everything in sight.